The Panda Eye: From All Angles

The Panda Eye: From All Angles

From the famous black-and-white, cute panda bear to the dark circles found beneath your eyes and all the way to make-up techniques, the term ‘Panda Eye’ can be used in many different contexts. Let’s discover them in the following article.

The Panda Eye

When you first think of the term ‘Panda Eye’ one usually automatically thinks of the cute and snuggly-looking panda bear. With its black and white fur and adorable features, the panda definitely stands out amongst the bear species. But why do they have black fur around their eyes in the first place? Well, according to scientists today, their black fur is used for camouflage - both in the snow and in the shadows. The panda eye color is also black, which gives their face an adorable, big-eyed expression that is envied by all. And what about a panda without black around the eyes? Not surprisingly, they’d look significantly different. Only very few pandas are left with completely white faces because their black fur evolved this way over time for protection. Not only does it help keep them safe from predators, but the black color helps deflect light from their eyes. Because we’re so used to the typical and recognizable panda face, it would definitely be quite a shock to see a panda with white eyes!

The term Panda Eye can also be directly associated with humans. Contrary to pandas however, most of us don’t look quite as cute or attractive with dark circles around our eyes. That being said, dark circles around the eye area or “panda eye” are extremely common. Here are a few causes:

1. Lack of Sleep: The number one cause of dark circles or panda eye is lacking sleep, in both adults and children alike. In general, the best solution to this problem is getting more sleep or at least, a higher quality of sleep.

2. Natural Skin Pigments: For certain individuals, the skin beneath the eye can be more pigmented, giving it a darker color. This is a natural skin condition and can usually only be improved through specific skin moisturizers and sunblock.

3. Exposure to the Sun: High sun exposure can cause fine wrinkles beneath the eye, giving the impression of dark circles. Eye serums and regular moisturizing can help treat sun damage, but won’t cure it completely.

Did you know a panda’s sleeping habit can reach anywhere between 12 and 14 hours in a day? If you’re dealing with panda eye, you’re probably not sleeping as well as our snuggly, cuddly panda friends. At Vogeni, not only do we support our sleepy pandas through and through, we’ve also got a solution for you:

● The Panda Mask - Whether the sun is rising through your blinds, or it’s pitch black in your room, the plush and cozy Panda Mask will ensure you get the beauty sleep you deserve. Help reduce the dark circles or “panda eye” effect by increasing your quality of sleep thanks to the lightweight fabric that lays directly atop your eyes. Choose the adorable panda design in order to help raise awareness regarding giant panda extinction!

Drawing a Panda Eye for the Holidays

Be it Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, the panda is the perfect animal for every occasion. If you’re looking to be unique this holiday season and create your own panda Christmas cards, rest assured, they’re easy to draw! Once you’ve taken care of their rounded body, arms, legs and stubby little tail, you’ll have to attack the most important part: the face and eyes! Take a look at the following steps:

Step 1 - With a circle for the head and muzzle, begin by drawing two identically shaped circles on each side of the muzzle, toward the upper part.

Step 2 - Draw two smaller circles directly inside the first two. These circles will serve as the actual panda eyes.

Step 3 - Below the original eye circles, draw two more oval shaped circles that will serve as the panda eye patches.

Step 4 - Using a fine-tipped marker, outline the smallest circle, which will be the eyes’ pupils. Using a lighter shade of black, outline and color in the circle around the pupil. With a darker shade of black, outline and color in the oval-shaped circle for the eye patch.

Step 5 - You’re done! You now have an adorable, sleepy holiday panda! All you have to do is add your personal and finishing touches.

If you’re looking for more details on how to properly draw the exquisite panda eye, or would like a visual demonstration of the latter, head over to:, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Panda Eye Makeup Look

Trendy yet dramatic and adventurous, take your panda eye drawing a step further and amp it up with this one of a kind grungy panda makeup look! Inspired by the unique black and white oriental panda, this type of eye-shadow is burning up the runway across the world. Although not everyone can pull it off, this look fits in perfectly with Halloween costume parties, a night out at the club or a darker setting like a holiday get-together.

To nail this look, you can try one of two ways. The first entails filling in a full circle shape with black eyeliner while the second involves using a smaller, oval shape that only contours your eyelid. By using a fade with white and black, you can tone this impressive panda eye look down too!

To get the perfect panda eyes makeup, you’ll need: Foundation, black eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, black eye shadow, smokey eyes eye-shade palette and mascara. Even more so, you’ll have to check out this awesome step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to get it done right: