Interesting Giant Panda Stories From Panda's Hometown

Wanna know some interesting giant panda stories that the West media’s or sites can’t tell? is exporting panda costumes or panda suits overseas, but we are also telling stories to local Chinese media about giant pandas and also telling stories about local folk about the Sichuan province. There’s a ton of them and we update the stories every week. Read up on our stories, they are interesting. Maybe these stories could be useful to you or your kids, you can even tell these panda stories before your child falls asleep.

We create this blog is letting more people know about giant panda's stories which are happened nearby us. These stories we've found them by local people's talking, or some other people's experience and some of them were look up from the ancient Chinese books. We check the history and our content team is doing whatever they can to find out some true stories where the western medias normally cannot find, cos all that content are in Chinese language or even in ancient Chinese language. Another thing we keep this blog is hoping more and more people love animals. People should not just simply love the giant pandas, all the wild animals are deserve people to protect, is not just selling panda costumes,panda suits or other panda souvenirs, we are a website to share panda's interesting stories and will share more and more knowledge about giant pandas in the near future.