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Panda Shock

Pandas are some of the most beautiful and strangely hilarious animals living on our wonderful planet. Here at Panda shock, we recognise the true beauty in Pandas, which is why we decided to create this website. Finding info about Pandas can be tricky, even with Google on your side, which is why we have decided to compile this article. Our aim is to show you the true beauty of these wonderful creatures, not to mention the true beauty of the parts of the world where they are found in the wild. Our very own founder of Pandashock.com is actually originally from Chengdu, which is the giant panda capital of the world. We have been fortunate enough to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitats, which we feel, has helped us to create an authentic website based exclusively around giant pandas, Chengdu, and Sichuan Province, where these amazing animals can be found. It is our aim to share Panda culture with the entire world, and to help others find out as much about giant pandas as is humanly possible. So, without any further hesitation, here’s a more detailed look at what Pandashock.com is all about, what we have to offer, and several interesting facts about giant pandas and where they live in the wild.

Who we are and what we are all about – Pandashock.com is your go-to website for all things panda-related. On our site you will find interesting facts about pandas, info about where they live, statistics and factoids, and much more besides. As mentioned, the founder of Panda Shock actually originates from Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan Province, which also happens to be the panda capital of the world. We have all seen pandas in the wild and it is our intention to help you fall in love with these amazing creatures, in the same ways that we did. Giant pandas, and many other species of panda for that matter, are considered endangered, so it is our responsibility to act now and to help these wonderful animals before they are gone forever.

What we offer – On our site, not only will you find info, images, and other forms of media based around pandas, you will also find panda themed merchandise as well. We sell a whole variety of panda themed products including:

· Panda suits

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All of our panda clothing comes from our very own factory, where we have our own privacy and ensure our products meet various trading standards and are of the very finest of qualities, whilst simultaneously being as green and as eco-friendly as possible. Our panda merchandise is fun, it is attractive, it is comfortable, it looks great, it’s made from the finest of materials, and it helps raise awareness of pandas.

Facts about the Sichuan Province

Now that we’ve looked at who we are and what we’re all about, it is now time to look in more detail, at the Sichuan Province of China, where giant pandas are considered native creatures. The second largest of the 23 provinces in China, Sichuan is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Here are a few facts about this region, before we look at facts on the star of the show, the Giant Panda.

Humans have lived here for centuries – It is though that human settlement in Sichuan can be traced back to the 15th Century.

Sichuan has a unique microclimate – Sichuan often sees weather which is very different to other parts of China. In Eastern areas, it often sees subtropical monsoons bringing inches upon inches of rain to the region. The summers are hot, and the winters do not last very long, and are considered cool, rather than cold. Typical winter weather isn’t overly wet, or snowy, it is instead cloudy. Western Sichuan gets much colder in the winter due to the high altitudes. Summer is mild, and winters can get very cold. To the south, that is where you will find much of the subtropical weather.

Sichuan does its part to help giant pandas – Famous for its varied biodiversity, Sichuan contains seven unique nature reserves which function as sanctuaries for giant pandas. There are also nine beautiful wildlife parks. 30% of the entire world’s population of giant pandas are found in these sanctuaries, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other endangered species, including clouded leopards, and red pandas, can also be found here.

Facts about giant pandas 

As we now know a little more about where giant pandas live, let’s learn more about these wonderful creatures. Here are some key facts relating to giant pandas:

Giant pandas are good climbers – Though they can be fairly clumsy creatures, giant pandas are actually very good climbers and can climb trees. They learn to climb from very young ages, and can easily scale trees from just seven months of age. They also make good swimmers, like other bears.

Giant pandas are born pink – When giant pandas are born, they have no fur on their bodies, and they look like giant baby rats or mice. They have no fur on their bodies, they cannot see, and they are pink in colour. As their fur begins to grow, they turn from a pink colour, to the traditional black and white colour that we associated them with. It takes roughly three weeks for the fur to begin to grow, so for three weeks from birth, giant pandas are pink.

Giant pandas are not necessarily black and white – Though the vast majority of giant pandas in the world are black and white, not all of them are these colours. In some rare instances, giant pandas have in fact grown brown and white fur, rather than black and white fur. Brown and white giant pandas are very rare, but they do exist.

They are not very active – Like most animals, giant pandas are not very physically active. Their general day-to-day activities revolve around eating and sleeping. In fact, they spend almost all of their time sleeping and lounging around, so if you do wish to see them active, it is best to visit early in the morning, as this is when they are the most active. To be honest, spending your day eating and sleeping doesn’t sound too bad, so perhaps they have the right idea?

Breeding giant pandas is incredibly tough – As you may have heard on the news etc, it is notoriously difficult to get giant pandas to breed, which is one reason why they are sadly endangered. You see, as mentioned, giant pandas are pretty lazy, and if activities don’t involve eating or sleeping, they generally don’t want to know. Breeding therefore, is not very high on their agendas. As if that wasn’t hard enough, there is only one day each year where female giant pandas can conceive naturally, so it’s no wonder why we make such a big deal out of it when we think a giant panda may be pregnant.

Giant pandas love bamboo – Giant pandas can spend as much as 14 hours each day eating, and their food of choice is bamboo – specifically, bamboo shoots. Adult giant pandas have been known to munch through as much as 40 kilos of bamboo a day, which is an astonishing amount if you go by weight and volume.

Giant pandas have six toes – If you ever get chance, count the toes found on a giant panda’s front feet and there should be six. The reason for having this many toes is so that they can firmly grasp onto bamboo shoots and roll it into a tubular shape. They don’t roll it into a tube so they can pretend they’re smoking a cigar, they roll the bamboo into a tube so that it is easier to eat, similar to how we may eat tortilla rolls for example.